and the livin´ is easy

Fish are jumpin´
and the cotton is high

George Gershwin

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rasmus sagde ...

dude, ka du ikke prøve at ha det sjovere...det er ligegyldigt alligevel, og det er dit eget ansvar....der er ingen der tager notits

ma sagde ...

Oh baby baby what can I do
You know you drive me crazy when I'm looking at you
The summer's really here and it's time to come out
Time to discover what fun is about

Here comes the summer
Here comes the summer
Here comes the summer

Keep looking for the girls with their faces all tanned
Lying on the beaches all covered in sand
Stretching out their long legs lying in the sun
They know they're beautiful they're having fun

Here comes the summer ...


Anonym sagde ...

juhu, andre end undertegnede og overdrevsbestyreren husker og værdsætter denne uomgængelige undertones-sommerklassiker fra nittenhundredeoghvidkål!